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Andy's Goodbye to Market Letter



Dear Julia and Andy!
I love my Mystery Box! (and my Padron peppers, too) It's absolutely amazing - fragrantly fresh - green - and alive. OMG - it's wonderful!
thank you! -anonymous

tonight: I grilled tomatoes & yellow and red bell peppers & Padron peppers! and, tossed carrots & garlic with shredded kale and vinegar. Everything tastes s-o-o-o good! - Cynthia

I ate the nettles all by myself over 2 days! Sauted in garlic and olive oil. Half was tossed with pasta. The other half was mixed with greek yogurt for a Turkish meze. Yum! -Bridgette

cardoon medium


thanks for ALL your mystery box support, Andy and I are both having fun with this project.

email me for an order.

mariquitamystery at gmail dot com


**All Deliveries are Rain or Shine.

What, Who, Where, Why, When is all below, plus a FAQ section:

What: Guerilla vegetable deliveries: Not a CSA. More like a taco truck-meets-the farmers market. No prepayment, no credit cards. You give me your cell phone number as collateral that you'll show up, I give you mine so you can find me/contact me that night. We don't abuse each others cell numbers. Page with past lists of vegetables and recipes. Recipes A-Z

How: Email me with your interest and I'll send you the most recent google form link OR the expected date of the next link. We sometimes sell out: so make your order as soon as you have that google form link in your inbox. Make sure to sign up for our alerts.

I will confirm via email, and show up on Thursday with your order, and you pay me in cash. IF you don't receive a confirmation by Tuesday or Wednesday latest of the week of, try contacting me again! I may well have your order, or I might not. email is that way.

Why: Mariquita Customers at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market missed us when we chose to stop attending spring of 2007. Some of our customers begged for a way to still receive our erbette chard, boxes of San Marzanos, sweet peppers, basil, chantenay and red carrots etc. We still grow it all and we're delighted to find a way bring it to SF, even if you *don't* own a restaurant!

Where: At one of our restuarants that we sell to in San Francisco. Upcoming Schedule is at the top of this page.

When: Every Other Thursday, more or less.


How do I pay? by cash at pick up. no credit cards or checks please. thank you.

What exactly is a mystery box? At least two former market shoppers asked for a box of whatever we wanted to send on that first night when we delivered to Nopa in June, 2007. Andy enjoyed making up these two boxes for Victoria and David, using the same items we harvest for the restaurants. Starting with the Third Thursday night at Piccino a few weeks later, we started including a list of what's in the box as a guide, kind of like boxes of chocolates that let you know which shape is which flavor. We always put in more value than the $30 price.

**Mystery Box Etiquette** No substitutions, it's a great deal already: share the extras if there's stuff you don't like. You're still likely saving lots of $$. It's too many details for us when you ask for a mystery box, plus tomatoes if we aren't putting in tomatoes, or something like that. thanks for understanding.

Can you please make 'half mystery boxes'? I can't eat that much food and I don't want the vegetables to go to waste!

Nope: sorry. You can find someone, (several someones?) to share the box, or you can adopt some kids and make your household big enough to consume the whole box: you can decide which option is easiest for you. Also: our mystery box program doesn't work for everyone! Some folks are best off attending their local farmers market. The reason this all works for us is because we make one size box: it's got some interesting (less adventurous home cooks might say challenging) things every time, and it's the stuff we have in abundance. That's how we can make this box such a good deal.

Do you bring extra? Can I just show up without making an order? Sometimes I bring just a little extra, making an order ahead is best. If you're in the area you can stop by and ask.

How do you choose the restaurants you do your pick ups at? I choose the restaurants where I have a prayer of getting a parking place nearby, and I try to move it around a bit to hit different neighborhoods on different Thursdays.

Why did you leave the farmers market? Read Andy's Piece.

Will you consider attending any other farmers market, or return to the Ferry Plaza market?
no. we aren't retired, but we've moved on and are loving our new post-market life.

Do you plan to continue these Thursday nights? Yes, three Thursdays a month. Plus at least once a month in Oakland.


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