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Life On The Farm

Thursdays and Fridays at 7:49 am and 5:00pm
on KUSP, public radio for the Monterey Bay

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Mariquita Farm

Mariquita Farm home page


Hosted by Andy Griffin of Mariquita Farm in Watsonville.

and occasionally:

by Julia Wiley of Mariquita Farm in Watsonville.


Baby Goats March 2006
Fennel March 2006

Garlic March 2006

December 2005 spots, including "Fibonacci, Creme Brulee, Romantic Vacations & Iguana Tacos

Walk on the Wild Side











Fennel and Cheese for Dessert adapted from The Victory Garden Cookbook by M. Morash

Fennel bulbs
One great cheese, such as blue cheese or a local goat cheese
best olive oil
S & P

Wash and trim fennel bulbs. If small, cut in half; quarter larger ones. Serve with slices of cheese and pass the oil, salt, and pepper.


The following is Andy's first piece for Life on the Farm that aired on March 18th, 2004:

This is Andrew Griffin of Mariquita Farm with Life on the Farm. I wonder how many graduates of Carmel High School's 1977 Future Farmers of America program ended up farming. I did. A summer job in 1979 hoeing weeds on an organic garden that supplied Chez Panisse restaurant in Berkeley captured my imagination and I signed up for life a foot soldier in Alice Water's fresh, local, organic jihad. I have my own farm now. My wife Julia and I lease thirty acres of cropland near Hollister along the upper reaches of the Pajaro River. We call our farm La Mariquita, which means Ladybug in Spanish. We intend the name as a gesture of respect to the cute little predators that serve as mascots to the sustainable farming movement and to our Spanish-speaking employees who help us so much. Join me on air Thursdays and Fridays during this spot as I explore the relationships we cultivate with the land, the workers, the crops, the seasons, and the community. Monday through Wednesday Captain Steph will take you back out on the water for Life on the Bay. We are calling the program Life on the Farm. While I can't speak for all farmers twenty eight years of experience as a farm hand and grower around the Monterey Bay Area have given me wide exposure to the agricultural issues that challenge farmers and consumers alike. Spring is right around the corner. What better time to begin sowing a radio garden for the mind. For KUSP this is Andrew Griffin.

Andy's Bio:

Andy Griffin cultivates 32 acres of vegetables and berries near Hollister, CA. Years of studying philosophy at UC Davis was excellent preparation for 28 years of hoeing weeds, digging ditches, driving trucks, managing field crews and feeding cows. Andy has been to many of the best restaurants in Northern California, usually entering through the back door while pushing a hand truck. He hopes to one day be as sophisticated and widely traveled as the vegetables he grows and sells.

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Three colors of carrots: red, yellow, and orange at the Mariquita Farm stall at the farmers market. Spring Garlic, also known as green garlic. Corno di Toro Peppers, these are sweet peppers Baby Bear pumpkins