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How to buy bulk fruits, herbs and vegetables from Mariquita Farm.

Mystery Box

Example of a Fall/Winter Mystery Box
Photo by Andy Griffin


WHAT is a Mystery Box?: They are $30/each:

A 'Mystery Box' is like a csa box... except you don't pay ahead... and we don't really know everything that's going to be in it until that day. Winter boxes have to be a bit more "mysterious" in the winter. Will it frost? Will it rain? Will it be 80 degrees? Winter veggies have to be stronger and more substantial to survive in the field, and the winter box is a little heavier and more substantial too. Then again, the winter mystery box comes less frequently, and the ingredients that compose it often have a longer shelf life in the refrigerator.

winter squash family


Special Deliveries to your Community

This is the program to sign up for to get our veggies. Not a CSA program but rather, bulk deliveries on an order-and-pay-as-you-go basis. We'll offer our mystery boxes (see info on the left) and as well as bulk quantities of particular seasonal vegetables as harvest permits. You can choose which weeks you want to get a mystery box (and/or other items we're offering) and skip others. Currently, we're doing deliveries on the Peninsula and in Berkeley every other week, and in San Francisco every other alternating week. This program is also for the convenience of cooks who would like to can, pickle, juice, dry, or otherwise consume bulk quantities of fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits, like tomatoes, carrots, peppers, basil, pumpkins, etc.

If this service looks interesting to you, please sign up to be included on the list of people to get a special email alert. We have three lists: San Francisco, the Peninsula/South Bay and the East Bay. (Links below.) Once you're signed up, we'll send out special announcements that include a link to a Google order form for you to place your order. Whole unit quantities only, please. If a whole case is too much, find a friend to split it with and let the cooking begin!

Newtown Pippins

Newtown Pippins Apples

Ladybug Drop Off Deliveries
in Berkeley, Palo Alto,
West Menlo Park & Los Gatos
Thursday, January 9th, 2020
PDF of Mystery Box Newsletter


To sign up for email alerts for these special deliveries:

San Francisco
|| Peninsula/Palo Alto/South Bay |
| East Bay

questions? email: ladybugbuyingclub at

|| Minimum order = $15

** this is a "double opt-in" newsletter: please do check your spam folder if you don't get that email to confirm your subscription to your alert preference. Such is the spammy world we live in: I'm trying to do the right thing with a 'clean' list. thank you.