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Baby nubian goat born at our home ranch on May 12th, 2005. His alarmed mama looks on while Lena holds him.

goat gallery 2

Native Plant restoration with goats at High Ground Organics

Pet Nubian Baby goats, photo taken 5/26/05 by Andy G.
click to enlarge Romie being fed hay by the students at our human kids school, Ocean Alternative.
Lena and Andy on March 3rd, 2005 with "Star" and "Roman"
click to enlarge Our son with another kid.
click to enlarge A half-nubian, half-boer Mama goat.
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"Chocolate Pants," a
two-week old female.

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A mama nursing her twins.



click to enlarge A young male with classic boer goat markings - white body, red head. m
click to enlarge A weedy, pastoral view out our kitchen window - the reason we have goats!
goat eye Eye of Goat m
old goat pin old goat pin m