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Tomato Sauce Photo Essay

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box of tomatoes 20#


20 pounds San Marzano 'paste' tomatoes


this box yielded 8.5 quarts of sauce.

tomatoes in colandar


tomatoes in colandar just rinsed


washing tomatoes



a more thorough wash by rinsing in cold water

tomatoes in pot


tomatoes in pot: I threw them in whole. simmer on low, start with a bit of water on the bottom to prevent burning. or: halve them first!



tomatoes cooking down


tomatoes starting to cook down in pot. I used a bean masher (potato masher would also work) to start pushing it all down and getting more juice out to prevent burning.

cooked down tomatoes


tomatoes cooked down, ready to put through food mill



scooping out the tomatoes



scooping out the cooked tomatoes...

food mill and tomatoes


food mill and tomatoes. quite low tech. and it works!

tomato sauce!


San Marzano tomato sauce!

20 pounds of tomatoes



20# of San Marzano tomatoes, cooked up as instructed above, then food milled, all fit into this pot. I then cooked it down just a bit for 2-3 hours on med-low...

splatter screen for tomato sauce



I used a splatter screen while cooking down to prevent tomato mini-eruptions!

8.5 quarts of tomato sauce



8 and 1/2 quarts of tomato sauce! (yes, that would be 17 pints) m