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Early Girls San Marzanos heirlooms sungolds beefsteak tomatoes
Early Girl Tomatoes: great for quartering/slicing in a salad or as a salad, OR they also make a sweet, red red sauce! San Marzano 'paste' tomatoes: excellent for sauce, OR quarter them (skins and all!) and roast with a bit of olive oil. These can then be tossed with noodle or served alone room temp as a salad. Heirlooms:
top: Brandywine
bottom left: yellow brandywine
bottom right: cherokee purple.
Sungold Cherry Tomatoes Beefsteak Tomatoes left to right: cherokee purple, german stripe, green zebra, tangerine, san marzano
Flat of Mixed Cherry Tomatoes Flat of Mixed Cherry Tomatoes