Mariquita Farm/Hurricane Benefit Dinner at Desiree Cafe in the Presidio
for Taylor's Happy Oaks Farm in Louisiana

Friday, October 28th, 2005 at Desiree in San Francisco.
(postponed from Oct. 13th)

Anne's Menu

*Potato and caviar puree with cucumbers and flat bread

*Lemon and egg soup

*Eggplant and feta cheese salad with paprika and cilantro vinaigrette

*Roast goat with green olives and buttered couscous

*Baklava with frozen honey yogurt

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Treat yourself to a good cause. Annie and the staff at Desiree are going to cook Andy's Vegetables and one of his young goats for a very special benefit meal to help one small, family farm in Louisiana get back on its feet after the hurricanes. For this benefit dinner at Desiree Cafe on 10/28/05. Annie gets her pick of anything and everything our farm can produce. We know that Annie could cook our phonebook and make it taste great, but we're going to make it easy for her by giving her the best ingredients we can grow. Please join us for what promises to be a delightful evening.

Friday Oct. 28th, 2005

This is a benefit dinner to raise funds for Taylor's Happy Oaks farm in Louisiana. More on their story is here.

The dinner is $45 per person (exclusive of tax and tip) and sittings for 40 people are available at 5:30pm and at 8:30pm. Wine and beer will be available for purchase. Corkage fee $15.

Learn more about Desiree Cafe by visiting their website, we love to eat there!

Here is a link to a webform on the website to sign up for this dinner.