Welcome to the Ladybug Buying Club

 Our 2021 season is in full bloom! Our Ladybug Buying Club deliveries will continue throughout the year! So stay tuned for announcements about the deliveries in your area!

Please choose your pickup zone.We have produce pickup sites across the Bay Area— choose the location that’s best for you!


Interested in becoming a Mariquita Farm host site? We’d like to find a new pick up site in the Mission area of San Francisco as we may be losing our existing one. (There’s still a chance we might be able to continue there but just in case, we figured we’d better start looking!) Here’s a bit more information about what we look for in a potential host site: We need a well-shaded, relatively secure location to stack the boxes where they will stay cool until they are picked up by our members. Your house or apartment must be accessible to our delivery vehicle (not too steep a street or too many stairs). If your place sounds like it could work as a host site, we’ll arrange to have someone from our farm to come by to confirm accessibility. We need a minimum of 10 people per drop off point and ask that there be space for up to at least 20 members. If being a site host sounds interesting — just think: free delivery of your veggies! — please contact Shannon at ladybugbuyingclub@gmail.com and we’ll figure out if it’s a good fit for you and Mariquita Farm.

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