There’s More to the Story

"Every picture tells a story" they'll tell you. And it's probably "a thousand words"

Giving Thanks!

Turkeys roaming in the labyrinth. Every day is "Turkey Day" at Mariquita Farm....but Thanksgiving


  A few of you might find the fierce looking chayote that I've put

Something to Crow About

Starr with a few crows in Palo Alto. I'm booted up, caffeinated, mouse in

A Wise Recipe

Ripe fruit from the vine! Joel is my "cousin in law" from the Midwestern

Tomato Season

  As I sit down to write this note to you I can hear

Striking Gold

  "Give me two reasons why anybody would want to live in Texas," I

Step Right Up!

Our first Tomatopalooza of the season at Alladin Nursery in Watsonville. A "lollapalooza" is

Ground Cherry (Poha Berry) Salsa

This recipe is adapted from Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone by Deborah Madison