A Sunday Adventure

  Corralitos, where I live and farm, isn't on the road to anywhere, and

Shedding Light on the Nightshade Family

I have never been to Jalapa. I don't even know any Jalapeños, but I

The Tomatoes are Coming

People have been asking when the dry-farmed Early Girl tomatoes and San Marzano tomatoes

Cinderella’s Brunch

Once upon a time in a land far, far, away Little Red Riding Hood

We Are Stardust

A little country schoolhouse in the woods adjacent to the site of one of

For Plants, Everyday is “Sun” Day!

Fathers Day fell on June 20th this year and seemed to get more attention

Our Lady’s Birds

We call them "Ladybugs" but they're beetles, not "bugs." Scientists call the Ladybug family

The Many Scents of Lavender

Planting a garden is a blatant act of optimism; even the tiniest seed takes

The Milpa and the Holy Trinity

We planted the first stage of our little "milpa" this weekend. A milpa is