Looking for a Few Good Gnomes

Ziggy on guard under a Rosa gallica complicata. This old fashioned rose only blooms

Walk for Peace

My late dog, Red, helping me research labyrinths. This one is on the coastal

Finally some sun!

My grandmother once had a cat who had three kittens on the 15th of

Mariquita 2.0

Have you noticed that God didn’t create “The Farm of Eden?” It's one thing

Hope Springs Eternal

I've got a counterintuitive tale for you. Several years ago, during the driest, dustiest,

There’s More to the Story

"Every picture tells a story" they'll tell you. And it's probably "a thousand words"

Giving Thanks!

Turkeys roaming in the labyrinth. Every day is "Turkey Day" at Mariquita Farm....but Thanksgiving


  A few of you might find the fierce looking chayote that I've put

Something to Crow About

Starr with a few crows in Palo Alto. I'm booted up, caffeinated, mouse in