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Food Blogs we Know and Like

each blog listed below is someone that I know peronsally one way or another....-julia

*101 Cookbooks Heidi is a great photographer, and vegetarian recipe writer. This is one of my favorite blogs, whenever Heidi makes a post I read the whole thing, nearly always. Go Heidi!

Ardigasna Rebecca King is just starting a sheeps milk dairy to make sheeps milk cheese. She's passionate, and busy, but when she posts, it's well written and a funny take on what goes on to start up a farm.

Becks and Posh 'Becks and Posh' is modern cockney for 'nosh'. Follow English-Girl-Abroad, Sam Breach, on her culinary travels, mainly in the San Francisco Bay Area, but also further afield, whilst she plays at being amateur restaurant critic, wine taster, food photographer, cocktail connoisseur, party planner, good food forager and practising home cook, with trusted French advisor, Fred, by her side.

Bittersweet Feast Emily is a regular Mariquita vegetable shopper; currently on a European tour/period in her life and cooking...

*The Breakaway Cook Eric is a PRO and has great recipes, adding spice to life, and gorgeous photos. this is one of my favorite blogs.

Chez Danisse writing about food: I liked the post about savory oatmeal!

Cook with James in home cooking classes in SF: homemade Gnocchi, anyone!?

Cucina Nicolina life in and out of the kitchen

Delicious Health Balanced Eating through Healthy Eating

Eats For One.... or more: Marcus is a long time Mariquita cheerleader, and cooks vegetables every day!

The Grub Report "Make fun of your food"

Honest Meat our neighbor and colleague: she's a great writer and she raises animals too.

Jane Spice "Jane Spice helps you rescue meals from the land of bland."

Joanne Weir's Blog Joanne is a great and famous 'food personality' in the Bay area and beyond, but she's also real people who just knows how to explain and write about food. check this one out!

The Kitchn inspiring cooks; nourishing homes; another regular Mariquita Shopper

*The Ladybug Letter Andy's musings: every other week. He's an excellent writer about farm/food and life. a must read!

Live Green Wear Black Jenn writes about gardening, foraging, living green and sustainably, and lots of vegan recipes and cooking experiments (mostly soy/legume-free). And the occasional cat story thrown in because, well, they rule.

Meredith's Food Meredith is a regular Mariquita Vegetable shopper, and she's been in the biz for a bit, lots of experience talking here!

Modern Beet Thoughtful Eating

Offal Good Chris Cosentino's blog all about offal: the other parts of the animal. Using the whole animal is a 'green' thing to do, and Chris is passionate about making it all yummy.

In Praise of Sardines owners/chefs at Contigo have had this blog for a while...

Rice and Wheat Angi is a Mariquita Vegetable shopper, and the photo that tops her blog is beautiful.

Not (Usually) Food, but all below are passionate home cooks:

Debra Baida: she's an organizer and a photographer, oh: and a passionate vegetable shopper at our farm

*Green Kitchen: yes, with that name she might be all food, all the time, but Michelle is a talented artist and close friend of ours that is currenly, madly into the world of groovy crafters. She's also the brains behind the project Andy did several years ago called ROOT a journal of agriculture.

* = my very favorite reads. ok, one is a dear friend, so is another, one is my husband, and the other two are amazing recipe places to visit.


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