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Chervil is the classic herb for flavoring such foods as salmon, trout, potatoes, spinach, asparagus, and green beans.  Chervil also goes well in salads with other herbs, like dandelion, chives and sorrel. In the middle ages in Europe, chervil was eaten raw in salads to renew the blood. Many modern herbalists recommend chervil as an aid to digestion. To try it, sprinkle a tablespoon of fresh chervil leaves on a serving of green salad and eat with a meal. (The Good Herb by J. Hurley)

For use as a soup garnish, sandwich spread, or with warm or chilled trout or salmon.

1 cup
2 tbsp.
2 tbsp.
1 tbsp.
chervil leaves
fresh lemon juice
minced red onion
olive oil

Combine all ingredients in food processor and whirl until finely minced.


1/2 cup soft mild goat cheese, softened
3 tablespoons heavy cream
12 large radishes with tops
Garnish: 24 small fresh chervil sprigs

In a bowl stir together goat cheese, cream, and salt and pepper to taste until combined and transfer to a pastry bag fitted with a 1/4-inch tip. (Alternatively, transfer mixture to a small heavy-duty sealable plastic bag and press out excess air. Snip off 1 corner, making a small hole.) Cheese mixture may be made 2 days ahead and chilled in bag. Bring cheese mixture to room temperature before proceeding. Trim radish tops to 1/2 inch and halve radishes lengthwise. Decoratively pipe mixture onto radish halves. Garnish hors d'oeuvres with chervil. Makes 24 hors d'oeuvres. Gourmet April 1998

Chervil soup
adapted from Recipes from the French Kitchen Garden by Brigitte Tilleray

Simple, easy and delicious. A true spring soup!

2 # potatoes
2 cups water
1 generous bunch fresh chervil
½ cup creme fraiche or sour cream
2 Tablespoons butter
S & P to taste

Peel and wash potatoes, then cut into thick slices. Cook in boiling salted water for 15-20 minutes or until tender. Meanwhile, wash chervil well, shake out extra water and chop well. (Use a sharp knife or kitchen scissors.) Puree the potatoes using a hand blender or food processor, using the cooking liquid to keep it soupy. Return soup to pan (if you’re using a food processor, with a hand blender your soup is still in the pan!) Add the chopped chervil and leave to infuse for 2 minutes. Stir well and add S & P to taste. Stir in the butter and creme fraiche over a very low heat. Serve as soon as the butter has melted. Serves 6

Cream of Artichoke Heart Soup
adapted from Recipes from the French Kitchen Garden by Brigitte Tilleray

julia’s note: you can also use frozen artichoke hearts with this recipe: you’ll need 12-15 frozen or canned in water hearts: they are processed from the smaller artichokes they don’t sell to fresh market.

6 artichokes
S & P
2 ½ cups stock: chicken or vegetable
1 Tablespoon milk
2 teaspoons cornstarch
½ cup creme fraiche or sour cream
1 heaped Tablespoon finely chopped chervil (if you don’t know what to do with the rest of your chervil, try adding to a green salad: it’s divine that way!)

Cut off the stalks at the base of the artichokes. Cook until done, so a fork can easily pierce your artichokes. Trim away tough outer leaves and and chokes that might be present. (Most of ours are small and tender enough they don’t have a choke at all.)

Place the hearts in a saucepan with the stock. Bring to the boil, the puree. Make a paste with the milk and cornstarch. Stir gently into the soup over low heat until it thickens. Add the creme fraiche and

chervil. Season to taste with Salt and Pepper. Stir a bit more and serve. Serves 6

White Carrots Cooked with Chervil

1 bunch of white carrots
S & P
fresh chervil

Slice or dice the white carrots with a sharp knife. Cook the carrot pieces (they can also be grated) in the butter, then add salt and pepper to taste. Stir in fresh chopped chervil right before serving.


3 lbs.
2 tbsp.
1/4 cup
2 tsp.
2 tbsp.
baking potatoes
green onions
minced red onion
plain yogurt
coarse brown mustard
minced chervil

Rinse the potatoes and poke each with a fork. Bake, right on the oven rack at 500 degrees until just tender, 45-60 minutes. Meanwhile, combine the green onions, red onion, yogurt, mustard and chervil. Let the potatoes cool on a wire rack, to keep them from getting soggy, until they're cool enough to handle. Cut them into slices and add to the yogurt mixture. Combine gently with a rubber spatula, so the slices don't crumble; it's ok if a few break. Serve warm or slightly chilled.


2 bunches
1 bunch
3 tbsp.

2 cloves
3/4 cup
3 tbsp.

grated zest of 1 lemon
olive oil
lemon juice
salt and pepper.

Chop all ingredients fine together.  Eat with crackers, fish, eggs, chicken, cucumbers, pizza, etc. 

Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone, D. Madison



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