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How to Make Dried Chile Flakes by Julia

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These are Boldog Paprikas Chiles, they are very spicy. This is the tote Andy brought in for me to flake up.


For slightly less spicy chile flakes, you can use Cayenne Peppers.

red padron pepper this is a red padron pepper, these work great for dried chile flakes

This is one colandar full of chiles, it filled one of my dehydrator shelves.


The spicy peppers, already stemmed and mostly seeded. I took out the bulk of the white part, but left any remaining seeds in after that.
Here are the same peppers after several hours of drying (about 10 hours on 275 degrees).

I then put the whole dried lot in the food processor, and whilred them to make flakes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: don't open the food processor for at least 15 minutes to avoid serious runny eyes and nose!

My final product, over 1/2 cup of freshly dried chile flakes. They are now ready to use all winter long on those lightly sauteed chard leaves....

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