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How to Make Green Garlic Pesto by Julia

Recipe is below the photos.

8 green garlic stems




The 8 green garlic stems

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The ingredients for the pesto. (Add olive oil too)

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The two pestos, one with raw green garlic, one with blanched green garlic.



I made it with raw pieces of green garlic, and with blanched-for-10-seconds pieces of green garlic. Verdict: Both versions were good. The raw, skip-the-blanching-step works if you're going to toss it with very hot pasta and serve it to garlic lovers that are familiar with each other. The blanched version is good for folks who like garlic but are not passionately in love with it... I would blanch it for using the pesto on little appetizer crackers with goat cheese, serving at a potluck, things like that.

-8 stalks green garlic, blanched for 10 seconds in boiling water if you want to remove the sharp edge of the raw garlic taste, see my comparison to the left.
1/4 cup (or less) extra virgin olive oil
- 2 tablespoons toasted pine nuts, or other nuts you have on hand such as walnuts or almonds
-pinch salt
- 1-2 pinches black pepper
-1/2 inch chunk of parmesan, cut up into a few pieces

Whirl the nuts and parmesan pieces in the workbowl of a food processor for a few pulses. Cut the green garlic shoots into 1-2 inch lengths. Drop in the garlic pieces through the feed tube as the f. processor is running. Add the olive oil while it's running. When it's all chopped up and ready to spread on toast or mix into sour cream or... you're done!