Wedding Tips

Weddings don’t have to be expensive to be wonderful!

Do your wedding on a budget you can afford. In 2022 the average wedding was 30,000. Imagine what you could do with $25,000 if you only spent $5000 on your special day!

The best way to reduce the cost of any wedding is to budget and then enlist friends and family. They usually love to participate and often feel like they are a big part of your day when they have a role to play. What a gift! There are countless ways to help make them a part of putting on your wedding and at the same time helping you keep the cost at a minimum.

GUEST COUNT: Think small. Venues that provide space for 60 or less people are very inexpensive compared to the larger outdoor or fancy indoor spaces. Refine your list and find other ways to get together to celebrate with the people that don’t make the wedding cut. Less people means more intimate time spent with each guest and gives you a chance to feel like you engaged in your wedding celebration.

EVENT COORDINATOR: Find your friend(s) who is the most detailed oriented and ask them to oversee some of the most important parts of the day. Maybe its more than one friend, delegate where possible.

INVITES:Find your techy friend to help you get your invite out on-line. Forgo the paper invitation. Do your, save the date, invite and RSVP on line.

VENUE: Find your friends that love to decorate and have them be in charge of helping create the venue theme. Records show that couples spend the most on the Venue. Find a more low cost and non-traditional site, a venue that has a nice backdrop where lots can be done with a low-cost budget to address your theme or particular tastes in décor.

FLOWERS: Find your friends that are crafty and love flowers. Flowers can become one of the higher costs of a wedding. Find a venue that has an abundance of flowers that can be used for decorating your space including the tables and wedding vows area. These days there are lots of beautiful $30 bouquets, it does not have to be done by a florist.

CATERING:Food Truck Dining delivered to the table (use order cards to get specifics, which are filled out ahead of time and numbered by table. Or bring in the chef that can cook it in the pizza oven or over the fire.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Splurge on the photographer or ask a friend with more skill then your regular iPhone photographers to record your special day. Reduce the hours that you need the photographer to just the most important part of the day and then have others capture the party and after photos.

RENTALS:Grounds that provide enough space for 60 people to dine and enjoy the party. Consider the types of tables and chairs needed and what you need to put on the tables. It doesn’t have to be potluck to be less expensive and still be grand.

MUSIC: The sky is the limit. Live music vs a DJ. So many choices, so many prices.

OFFICIANT: Perhaps one of your friends is qualified or has been dreaming of becoming a wedding officiate or look to your spiritual center for guidance in finding a leader in your faith.

GOWNS, SUITS, RINGS AND ALL OF THE SPECIAL THINGS! Find the items that fit your budget and style, you don’t need the $5000 dollar gown to have a beautiful wedding. Pick the areas that are most meaningful and put your money there while cutting as much of the fluff of other areas where possible. The most important thing is having fun and feeling like your day was special with family and friends!