About Us

Delivering local produce to your community.

We offer weekly Mystery Boxes and bulk add-ons of seasonal vegetables when harvest permits.
Enjoy squash, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, onions and so much more!
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Purchase Your Produce

Mystery Boxes  and bulk items are available each week and their contents change based on the season.

Choose a Subscription

Skip the weekly checkout and sign up for a subscription box! Subscribers will be billed weekly and subscriptions renew each quarter.

Pick Up your Produce

Select your pickup location at check out. Choose from one of seven convenient locations around the Bay Area.

What is a
Mystery Box?

A Mystery Box is a CSA box. We choose the contents of our boxes each week to ensure only the freshest and most delicious produce makes it to your kitchen. You’ll receive an email after picking up your box each week, explaining the contents, how to properly store them and offering up delicious recipe ideas to get you inspired!

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